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Restaurant lighting design

by Piper Alice

Piu Pierluigi design, located in London, uk. The theme of white space warm and comfortable style, corrugated walls create the very Nordic features All blend into one harmonious whole. effect.
The ceiling Central Cotton shaped lantern, against a white wall, add a bit of color dreams. The top two sides evenly distributed LED electric light source, to meet the basic lighting at the same time, embraced the restaurant color.
In the space of sixteen flat size, the designer uses the overlap of space use to attempt to use the elements of life to make use of multiple levels. Bar element is the restaurant's kitchen, and it is also the subject of life, couch element is sofa is living, is also a corner of life, the cabinet level elements is display, storage, also is the memory of life.
The original spatial elements is single, overlapping attributes, according to the space level, a combination of various space function oriented. The use of a low profile color, the volume of the stack, trying to unify the elements of the tone, to seek the space of consistency. And in accordance with the use of different functions, the possibility of rich space. The kitchen and dining table and living room are arranged on the same axis, and the space of a small space is possible. Let height volume order to increase the space diversity and level changes, defining and also burnt using different spatial order.
Lighting design, although not gorgeous lighting, but led light source can be seen everywhere, but let the overall pattern of elegance, simple texture.

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