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Case study of Saudi Riyadh Metro Station

by Piper Alice

Hadid Zaha construction firm won the first place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Metro station. Subway station as a part of Riyadh new public transport system, is located on the corner of King Abdullah Financial District, will become city six metro lines in three of the transfer station.
KAFD metro station a total of 4 layers, 6 platforms, 2 underground parking, the new metro station will be better integrated into the king Abdullah Financial District, to better meet the diverse needs of the financial district, in line with the long-term development interests. ArRiyadh development board hopes that after the completion of the project will not only be a transportation hub, but also become a vibrant public assembly.
KAFD subway station covers an area of 20434 square meters of surrounding built a pedestrian road, overpass and underpass, various routes of clearly marked walkways, maximize using the internal space, avoid the occurrence of congestion. Finally, the appearance of KAFD metro station is a three-dimensional structure. This design reduces the absorption of solar heat, while the geometric shape of the subway station and the surrounding environment better integration.
The pattern is inspired by the sand dunes in the desert, and the alternating sine wave passes through constant repetition, which adds a sense of the building to the building. Metro KAFD station is not only the transfer station of line 1, is leading to the airport on the 4th line, and lead to new Riyadh subway line No. 6 transit station. In addition, this here through the overpass can also take the local monorail. ArRiyadh development board hopes that the KAFD metro station can be completed within 4 years.

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