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Study on the effect of color of light source

by Piper Alice

With the size and quantity of the tunnel construction is increasing, the operation of the tunnel lighting facilities and maintenance costs are also higher and higher, the contradiction between energy saving and traffic safety is becoming more and more prominent. In order to solve the problem of lighting energy saving and traffic safety, we must study the new theory and technology of tunnel lighting.
In the course of driving at night, the reaction time has important practical significance for the protection of road traffic safety. In the course of driving, the response time is fast, which means that the visual efficiency and traffic accidents are reduced. The relationship between the number of traffic accidents and the response time of the Japanese survey data shows that the number of accidents is proportional to the length of the reaction time, see table 1.
Therefore, in order to ensure the traffic safety, the driver found that the length of the reaction time of the obstacle on the road ahead is very important. As can be seen from the relationship between reaction time and traffic accident, will "reaction time" as the evaluation of tunnel lighting color of light source and light effects of parameters is very important and necessary.
Tunnel lighting design standards, do not consider the spectral distribution of the light source, the color is also affected. In addition, in the actual tunnel lighting conditions will happen to observe dark targets on a bright background, the negative contrast of human eye is more advantageous to observe target. While the current tunnel lighting research is the use of positive contrast, it is necessary to carry out the tunnel under negative contrast conditions, so that the proposed tunnel lighting design standards more in line with the actual situation of driving. When the target luminance, luminance contrast and the same angle, visual effect is good or bad is sleeping hole size is determined by: if the composition of the blue and green light in the radiation spectrum of light source, it will make the eye sleep pore shrinkage is much, depending on the target was clear, hazy feeling less, visibility is good; on the contrary, the visibility is poor. In order to correctly evaluate the light radiation effect of spectrum in the blue and green light component of visual effects, in photopic vision, the sleep hole brightness to evaluate; because the average brightness of the tunnel segments is generally less than 4cd/nf, belonging to the category of mesopic vision lighting conditions, determine the optimum reaction time expression is worthy of further study. This can change the current tunnel lighting evaluation index does not consider the effect of color of light source on the visual, and according to people in the eyes of the photoreceptor cell spectral response characteristics, to research and examine the current tunnel lighting in the evaluation index system of the rationality.


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