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The application of LED in daily life

by Piper Alice

Through the diffusion process, in the pure semiconductor doped with a small amount of suitable impurities, can be obtained from impurities in semiconductors. The incorporation of pentavalent element is N type semiconductor, doped with trivalent element is P type semiconductor. LED is an abbreviation of LightEmittingDiode (light emitting diode), and it is a solid semiconductor device. In the P type semiconductor, hole (positive) called the dominant majority carrier, electronic (negatively charged) called minority carrier. In the N type semiconductors, electrons (negatively charged) is dominated by the majority carrier hole, (positive) is the minority carrier. After power, in p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor interface will appear a with special electrical properties of thin layer, that is often said that the PN junction PNJunctionTransistors. PN junction on the p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor majority carrier diffusion resistance, when the PN junction forward voltage is applied, current from the LED anode to cathode, and in PN junction in minority and majority carrier were composite, the excess energy will be transformed into light and is released, semiconductor crystal issued from the ultraviolet to the infrared different colors of light, the light and the strength of the current. Such as small current when the LED is red, with the increase of the current can be changed into orange, yellow, and finally green. Through the study of luminescent materials, people gradually developed various LED elements, color light efficiency is more and more high.

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